• Latest Monthly Forecasts Uploaded

    The revised monthly forecasts for airports, terminals, nationalities and routes have today been uploaded to subscriber sites. This bulletin outlines the latest prospects for international air travel and there will be a separate briefing tomorrow

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  • Hainan Report May 2021

    This week’s Hainan report has been updated with the latest data to the week ended Wednesday 5th May 2021. Clients can download the full report using the secure link below. (more…)

  • March Latest Actuals

    Air4casts has, to date, recorded March passenger actuals from 550 airports around the world which, for the moment is dominated by China whose massive domestic market continues to grow. (more…)

  • Daily Updated Coronvirus Travel Forecasts

    A 1000 strong International airport Database dedicated to the impact of the Coronavirus.

    • Ian Robinson
    • Dec 20th, 2019
    • Comments Off on Latest 2020 Forecasts; Early Warning
    Latest 2020 Forecasts; Early Warning

    First indications of the likely 2020 outcome for international passengers indicate the strength of the downturn now affecting all global markets. These new projections will be uploaded in full to subscribers’ websites on 31 December.

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    • Ian Robinson
    • Sep 17th, 2019
    • Comments Off on August Internationals from the Airports
    August Internationals from the Airports

    At this month’s mid-point 269 airports have declared August passenger actuals and 121 of them have published the detail of their August international passenger traffic data. There are some stark realities emerging in both Europe

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  • Fact Check September 2019

    In the run up to this year’s TFWA in Cannes, here are today’s top Fact Check tips for readers. The Air4casts Fact Check service is available free of charge to all those companies operating in

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  • Hong Kong July PAX are Positive but…

    Passenger numbers at HKG were up by 0.9% in July whereas there had been an expectation that results would have been affected by perceptions of unrest. (more…)

    • Sarah Robinson
    • Aug 9th, 2019
    • Comments Off on Double Digit Growth Airports in 2019
    Double Digit Growth Airports in 2019

    Within the world’s top 100 airports there are 18 which have, in the first six months of this year, demonstrated double digit growth in international passenger numbers. (more…)

  • UK Market Slows in June

    Today's Air4casts data briefing focuses on the UK's June performance in relation to the major European markets and the differences are now striking. (more…)