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  • US November Visitor Arrivals

    Confirmation, again, that the slowdown detected in Q3 is affecting the US market and especially the number of incoming visitors. (more…)

    • Jane Robinson
    • Nov 5th, 2019
    • Comments Off on International PAX Growth Slowest in a Decade
    International PAX Growth Slowest in a Decade

    The regular monthly forecast updates for all airports, terminals, nationalities, routes and retailers have today been uploaded to client sites. What they show is a 2019 that is rapidly shaping up to produce the lowest

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  • September Internationals

    The HKG Airport Authority yesterday issued its air traffic figures for September showing that total departures and arrivals for the month were down by 12.8% which has had a marked effect on the regional total:

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  • Golden Week 2019

    Air4casts has just uploaded its regular monthly forecast updates for 200 travelling nationalities to subscriber websites. With China’s Golden Week holiday now well underway, today’s Air4casts bulletin examines the immediate October Travel Retail outlook for

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  • Asia/Pacific in August

    Mis-information in Travel Retail is now an issue of commercial significance and there are three sources: (more…)

    • Ian Robinson
    • Sep 17th, 2019
    • Comments Off on August Internationals from the Airports
    August Internationals from the Airports

    At this month’s mid-point 269 airports have declared August passenger actuals and 121 of them have published the detail of their August international passenger traffic data. There are some stark realities emerging in both Europe

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  • The Top Ten in the First Half

    With first half 2019 monthly international passenger actuals now available directly from 87% of the world’s airports, today’s Air4casts data briefing pinpoints the effects of the global traffic slowdown on those crucial top 10 international

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  • Hong Kong July PAX are Positive but…

    Passenger numbers at HKG were up by 0.9% in July whereas there had been an expectation that results would have been affected by perceptions of unrest. (more…)

    • Sarah Robinson
    • Aug 9th, 2019
    • Comments Off on Double Digit Growth Airports in 2019
    Double Digit Growth Airports in 2019

    Within the world’s top 100 airports there are 18 which have, in the first six months of this year, demonstrated double digit growth in international passenger numbers. (more…)

    • Emma Robinson
    • Aug 1st, 2019
    • Comments Off on China Slows; The Travel Impact
    China Slows; The Travel Impact

    A reduction in the rate of growth of GDP has been widely covered in the financial press: 6.2% in Q2 as against 6.4% in Q1. (more…)