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About Newscast


Air4casts has been producing expert analysis alongside our core data provision for more than a decade.

For the first time, you can read our articles, opinion pieces, commentary, analysis, latest data samples and press releases all in one place: the Newscast magazine.

Compiled by our team and updated all the time, Newscast aims to be the most valuable cache of Air4casts analysis to make our user’s work as easy as possible. It is now also the first stop for anyone looking for our most up to date publications and is useful for anyone with an interest in Travel Retail.

With the largest databases of this kind in the industry, and with full accountable data updated on a daily and monthly basis, we have a unique opportunity to react to the latest news around the world and bring the most up-to-the minute insights on every aspect of Travel Retail, from traffic actuals and forecasts, to nationality and demographic profiling, retailer footfall to airline analysis.

And that’s not all. The Air4casts team has nearly 30 years of experience in Travel Retail, and more yet in the luxury cosmetics and textiles sectors, oil, marketing, sales and more. We’re also all multi-lingual and have a tame economist who writes ferociously good myth-busting articles. Our senior staff have an unparalleled understanding and expertise in this field, which makes our material reliable and relevant, and totally on the pulse.

We use data as the basis for every article written, and this data is taken from the Big Data modules which are at the heart of what we do. For more information on our products and services outside Newscast, how to get access to the full module content or get full access to Newscast if you are not a member, please go to www.air4casts.com or get in touch with us.

Enjoy your time on Newscast and if you’re not on our mailing list, you really should join and get updates direct to your email and the ultimate inside track.