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About Air4casts

Our company

Air4casts was established in 1990 by a small group of marketing, consulting and systems professionals.

We have been collecting data, forecasting and polling for two decades.

Our experience of the financial, strategic and creative aspects of Travel Retail is superbly well-founded. We advise companies from every product category.

We are the longest-running Management and Marketing Consultancy dedicated to Travel Retail.

Scope of our Services

Air4casts has established a reputation as an acknowledged leader in air passenger forecasting, research and consulting.

Our client base is broad and ranges from airports and airlines to financial institutions, with a specialist division which is devoted to the specific needs of the Travel Retail industry.

We provide the data, analysis and support to guide your company through every aspect of the Travel Retail and Aviation sector, for every level of management, for every department and across the world.

We deal both in Big Data and Consumer Polling.

Data from Air4casts is modular; our modules cover airport passenger numbers and forecasts, nationality data, demographic data, routes data, retailer data, tourism and pricing data.

The breadth and depth of data available from Air4casts is unmatched:

✓ actual data updated daily

✓ forecasts updated monthly

✓ airline data updated daily

✓ nationality data by: airport, month, terminal, direct passengers, transfers

✓ visitor data by: nationality, air, land, sea, 200+ countries

✓ retailer data by terminal in 900+ airports